Denmark and UAE Sign MoU to Boost Maritime Cooperation and Innovation


The shipping associations of Denmark and the United Arab Emirates have formalized their commitment to closer collaboration in maritime transport by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). This agreement aims to strengthen bilateral cooperation and foster innovation within the maritime industry.

Key Maritime Hubs: Copenhagen and Dubai

Both Denmark and the UAE are pivotal players in the global shipping sector, each hosting crucial maritime hubs—Copenhagen and Dubai. The MoU seeks to enhance the connections between these key locations, leveraging their strategic importance and resources.

Leadership and Key Figures in the Partnership

Anders Østergaard, Group CEO of Monjasa Group and Secretary-General of The Emirates Shipping Association, residing in Dubai, emphasized the partnership’s potential: “This MoU represents a significant step towards enhancing our cooperation in the maritime transport sector. By working closely with our Danish counterparts, we aim to leverage our combined strengths and drive innovation within the industry.”

Statements from Key Stakeholders

Capt. Abdulkareem AlMessabi, Chairman of the Emirates Shipping Association, highlighted the transformative potential of the partnership: “Through this partnership, we are setting the stage for a new era of collaboration and growth. Our shared commitment to excellence in maritime operations will undoubtedly yield substantial benefits for both our nations.”

Jacob K. Clasen, Deputy CEO of Danish Shipping, expressed his enthusiasm: “I’m very pleased to sign this MoU on behalf of Danish Shipping. The United Arab Emirates is a significant shipping nation centered around Dubai, one of the most important maritime hubs in the world. We look forward to working together, learning from each other, and becoming better equipped for the challenges of the future.”

Event Highlight: The Emirates Shipping Association’s Maritime Leadership Program

The MoU was signed during The Emirates Shipping Association’s Maritime Leadership Program, which took place in Copenhagen from May 27-31. The event was organized in collaboration with the Danish Maritime Authority, Maersk, and Danish Shipping, underscoring the shared commitment to maritime excellence and leadership.

Future Prospects and Collaborative Goals

This partnership sets the foundation for a future of enhanced collaboration and innovation in the maritime transport sector. By combining their strengths and expertise, Denmark and the UAE aim to address the challenges of the future and drive significant advancements in the industry.

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Source: Danske Rederier


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