Designing The World’s First Wind-powered RoRo Vessel


A recent news article published in the Knudehansen states that Orcelle Wind: The world’s first wind-powered RoRo vessel.

World’s first wind-powered RoRo

On June 21st 2022 Wallenius Marine and KNUD E. HANSEN signed an agreement that KNUD E. HANSEN will join the project of designing the world’s first wind-powered RoRo vessel, as Naval Architects.

The vessel will:

  • use wind as the main form of propulsion
  • operate at speeds of 10-12 knots under sail that can be increased with the supplemental power system
  • reduce emissions by as much as 90 percent
  • have a capacity to carry 7000 cars along with breakbulk and rolling equipment

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Source: Knudehansen


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