Diesel-Electric Propulsion Systems To Reduce Fuel Costs


Siemens to supply diesel-electric propulsion systems and other accessories to CSBC Corporation Taiwan for its four 65,000-ton semi-submersible deck cargo vessels (SSDCVs).



  • Enhanced maneuverability when navigating at low speed
  • Economic, energy-saving vessel operation with Integrated Drive Systems (IDS) comprising low-voltage motors and frequency converters
  • Effective control and disposal of pollutants contribute to marine environmental protection

Each propulsion system includes an IDS comprising low-voltage propulsion motors and frequency converters that facilitate economic, energy-saving vessel operation, as the components are perfectly matched to one another.  In order to protect the ocean from unnecessary pollution, ballast pump systems will help effectively to control and dispose of pollutants.

“Our state-of-the-art diesel-electric propulsion systems are designed to enhance the fuel efficiency and maneuverability of marine vessels, while leveraging an associated pumping technology to protect the surrounding environment,” says Mario Azar, CEO of the Siemens Business Unit Oil & Gas and Marine. “We are pleased to be working closely with CSBC Corporation Taiwan on this important project and with the overall adoption of our propulsion system in the oil & gas and marine industries we serve.”

Siemens will supply the complete diesel-electric propulsion systems for all four SSDCVs, to be delivered by the end of 2017.

Source: Siemens