Digital Port Call Reduces CO2 Emissions By 6000 Tons


  • The Port of Gothenburg has launched the Digital Port Call platform, significantly reducing CO2 emissions by 6000 tons annually.
  • This new system optimizes vessel arrival processes, enhancing efficiency and sustainability.
  • By improving predictability and resource planning, the platform supports Just-In-Time arrivals.
  • It also enables port actors to collaborate more effectively, benefiting all involved parties.

The Port of Gothenburg, Scandinavia’s largest port, handles around 6000 ship calls per year. A newly launched platform, Digital Port Call, is revolutionizing the vessel arrival process. This digitalization initiative aims to create a faster, safer, more efficient, and sustainable ship call process.

Enhanced Efficiency and Sustainability

The Digital Port Call platform collects and processes information from up to 120 different actors involved in the vessel arrival process. This comprehensive data collection allows for a shared situational awareness, providing data-driven decision support. As a result, the platform enhances predictability and resource planning, ensuring any disruptions are quickly identified and addressed.

Just-In-Time Arrivals

By introducing Just-In-Time arrivals, vessels can receive a “digital queue ticket” in advance, allowing them to adjust their speed for an eco-friendly approach. This reduces the need for vessels to rush into the port area, decreasing fuel consumption and emissions. Upon arrival, vessels can proceed directly to their assigned quay, minimizing waiting times and further improving efficiency.

Collaborative Benefits

The implementation of Digital Port Call facilitates better coordination among port call actors, such as terminals, tugboats, and pilots. Inter Terminals, a key collaborator in this initiative, highlights the platform’s role in reducing fuel consumption and enhancing information flow. The overall reduction in anchorage and berth time is expected to cut CO2 emissions by 6000 tons annually, benefiting both the port and its users.

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Source: Port of Gothenburg



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