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  • Short deliveries are a real issue in bunkering and Ascenz Marorka is the first to introduce a digital monitoring solution for mass flow meters.
  • The eBDN acts as an digital interface between bunker suppliers, and buyers as well as financial institutions and ports authority.
  • The Smart Bunkering feature offers a valuable analysis throughout the bunkering process using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence.

In 2022, an independent study[1] conducted by the consulting company BLUE Insight revealed that ‘short bunker deliveries’ remain prevalent in Rotterdam and Fujairah – with the issue likely to be exacerbated by the prospect of new, more expensive low carbon fuels entering the market. 

Digital solutions

The study concluded that about 3% of the bunkers in the second largest port in the world recorded as delivered were never actually pumped on the ship. 

Also, 80-90% of the survey respondents recognize the issues outlined (i.e. bunker quantity problems).

Ascenz Marorka was the first technology company to introduce in Singapore (and in the world) a digital bunkering monitoring solution using mass flow meters to improve the accuracy of the bunkering measurement.

Advanced bunkering monitoring

Bunkering monitoring often takes place at the point of custody transfer, where the transferred quantity can be confidently quantified according to the purchase contract. Usually, mass flow meters are used to ensure quantity and quality of the flow transfer. 

The digital monitoring of the entire bunkering process with real-time data collection and artificial intelligence coupled with operational experience can limit the errors, negligence and the malpractices. 

In this process, Ascenz Marorka acts as the third party of confidence to increase transparency and accountability of the commercial transaction.

In fact, malpractice can occur in many ways, such as cappuccino bunkers with excessive flow aeration, tampering with pipelines and seals, interference with the meters using magnets, contamination of fuel with water, use of uncertified or faulty flow meters…

Mass flow meters

At the opposite of all the other types of flow meters, the mass flow meters are unaffected by the flow profiles. 

For example, the concerns arising from changing temperature, viscosity, and pressure conditions are eliminated to deliver higher accuracy and reliability. With no moving parts, the mass flow meters are adapted for the harshest marine conditions. 

Flowmet® mass flow meters (an Ascenz Marorka brand) are perfectly designed for reliable and accurate measurements under challenging conditions.

Secured bunkering process

In addition to technology, the entire system performance is guaranteed by proper meters selection and installation, acceptance tests and extensive checks of mechanical, software, electrical and operational security. 

For example, equipment are sealed against unauthorized adjustment, tampering or dismantling; software on-board are protected against any unauthorized change, data collected during the bunkering process is stored securely onboard and in the cloud for many years to be vizualised or to support claims if need be, critical alarms are activated in real-time if there is a suspicious behavior.

The system provides a full view of bunkering activities including key parameters such as mass flow rate, density, temperature and drive gain

Smart bunkering

The Smart Bunkering feature is more than a mere visualisation of the situation. It offers a valuable analysis throughout the bunkering process using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence.

Thanks to proper bunker monitoring, some of our customers have reported savings of up to $400k in 6 months.

While waiting for the regulators to impose the use of mass flow meters for the bunker suppliers, the receiving vessels can already take action and install a mass flow meter on the bunkering line combined with a robust digital bunkering monitoring solution. 

Ascenz Marorka has delivered hundreds of these in the past years all around the world, and the demand is growing in Europe.

Electronic Bunker Delivery Note (eBDN)

Electronic Bunkering Delivery Notes is a cloud based digital system that allows control and traceability of bunkering operation from the order to invoice payment. 

The eBDN acts as an digital interface between bunker suppliers, and buyers as well as financial institutions and ports authority.

In July 2021, Ascenz Marorka launched its Electronic Bunker Delivery Note (eBDN) after the success of the world’s first live bunker delivery financing pilot operated through an eBDN[2].

The traditional bunkering process is cumbersome, and takes a few days to a week as it relies heavily on manual paperwork. 

By using the eBDN, customers are able to obtain financing for their underlying trade in less than two hours, enabling them to obtain working capital faster and better manage their cashflows.

The eBDN also mitigates the risk of fraud in the bunker industry, as counterparties are able to ascertain the trade data at source. 

This is done by leveraging the Mass Flow Meter (MFM) system for measurement and a secured data transmission to all the participants in the bunker trade supply chain ecosystem.

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