Discharge from Open Loop Scrubber Should Not Be Prohibited: Japan


Open Loop scrubbers have faced opposition prompted by fears that the discharge from these scrubbers is polluting the Ocean and degrading marine life. This has caused concern amongst some nations who have banned them. Especially, countries are concerned about the coastal areas and hence full or partial bans have followed.

California and Connecticut in the US and Singapore, China and Fujairah have introduced regulations and jurisdictions to prevent discharge from open loop scrubbers.

Japan’s Finding

However, a Japanese study based on Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation model and also toxicity tests on aquatic organisms concluded that open loop scrubbers do not have any harmful long‐term effects on marine organisms. This 10‐year scientific study, if accepted by IMO, will make it easier for Open Loop scrubbers to operate without having the need for a closed loop, hybrid or a hybrid ready scrubber.

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Source: Viswa Lab


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