Disney Adventure Cruise Ship To Home-Port In Singapore


Disney fans are in for a treat as the Disney Adventure cruise ship will start offering three- and four-night voyages from Marina Bay Cruise Centre in Singapore starting in 2025. This exciting announcement from Disney Cruise Line promises a magical experience for passengers, featuring themed areas and various entertainment options.

Themed Areas and Attractions

Disney Adventure will host seven themed areas inspired by beloved Disney movies and series like Toy Story, Big Hero 6, Moana, Finding Nemo, and Avengers. The Disney Imagination Garden, described as the “emotional heart” of the ship, celebrates 100 years of Disney adventures. Another highlight: San Fransokyo Street, inspired by Big Hero 6, will offer interactive games, shopping, and movie screenings. Guests can also enjoy stage shows, film screenings, karaoke, and game shows on board.

Dedicated Spaces for All Ages

The cruise ship caters to all age groups with special areas for children and teenagers, including clubs and activity spaces. Adults can indulge in premium dining, lounge, and spa experiences. Each stateroom on the ship will feature unique Disney-themed decorations, ensuring a magical stay for all guests.

Collaborative Efforts with Singapore Tourism Board

The Disney Adventure’s home-porting in Singapore is part of a five-year collaboration with the Singapore Tourism Board, announced in March 2023. The venture marks the largest Disney cruise ship to call Singapore its home and the largest in Disney’s fleet. Disney Cruise Line’s vice-president and regional general manager for Asia, Sarah Fox, highlighted the strong affinity consumers in the region have for Disney and promised a unique blend of Disney’s signature service with experiences tailored for Asian guests.

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