Disney Cruise Line’s Newest Ship Finally Sets Sail


Disney Cruise Line’s newest ship, the Disney Wish, set sail on its maiden voyage on July 14, 2022, reports CNN Travel.

Coronavirus: The Villain

With the new ship comes a plethora of new spaces to experience, foods to try and drinks to sip. As with any good Disney story, there’s always a villain lurking in the background before the hero triumphantly makes their way into the sunset after the conquest. For the Disney Wish, the hero in this story, the coronavirus pandemic has been the villain that caused delays for the ship to be able to sail into the golden sunset with guests aboard.

Thomas Mazloum, President of Disney Signature Experiences says, “We tell more stories than ever on this ship.” And that’s definitely true. With dinners themed to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the Disney animated film Frozen, lounges that take guests to a galaxy far, far away, and immersive shows that bring the stories of The Little Mermaid and Aladdin to life, the Disney Wish leans into the rich storytelling portfolio of The Walt Disney Company.

A pandemic project

The Disney Wish was a pandemic project, but on a much larger scale than what people might have been doing at home crafting or making a backyard garden. “I don’t think any one of us thought we’d ever see a pandemic at all. We literally started a little bit before was officially a pandemic,” says Mazloum. According to Mazloum, what makes the Disney Wish such a special vessel, besides it being the fifth ship of the growing Disney Cruise Line fleet, is the team that worked on it.

So what it really takes is an immense amount of focus, discipline, but also the immense passion of our Imagineers and our cast the Disney Cruise Line for what they do,” says Mazloum.

Before setting sail out of Port Canaveral for three and four-night voyages, the Disney Wish has to be built, which happened across the ocean in Germany. During the building of the ship, flights were canceled and the team from Walt Disney Imagineering couldn’t go to the shipyard to see and touch what they had been planning through computer graphics and scale models for years. This challenge also helped to prove the resilience of the Imagineers. “We as an organization adapted fast, and started to innovate fast, like our team at the theme parks,” says Mazloum.

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Source: CNN Travel


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