Disney Cruise Ship Rescues Three Fugitives from Florida


Fugitives Rescued by Disney Cruise Ship

The Disney Cruise line ship rescued three wanted fugitives – two men and one woman, from their capsized boat 40nm off the coast of Cuba.


The three individuals – Luis Rivera-Garcia, 26, Juliet Estrada-Perez, 23, and Enrique Gonzalez-Torres, 23, were found holding onto a capsized boat off the Cuban coast.  The Disney Cruise Line ship rescued all the three and later transferred them to the U.S. Coast Guard’s custody at sea.

All the three were arrested last year in Louisiana on federal credit card fraud charges and were on supervised release on Bond.  They have been charged with violation of supervised release.

Officials from the Coast Guard District Seven Command Center conducted a fingerprint analysis which showed two of the subjects had outstanding arrest warrant from the U.S. Marshals Service in New Orleans, Louisiana.  On April 18, 2016, Juliet Estrada-Perez and Luis Rivera-Garcia were arrested in Fort Myers, Florida by deputies from the Lee County Sheriff’s Office.  Estrada-Perez and Rivera-Garcia were charged with Trafficking in Stolen Credit Cards.  Both defendants are alleged to have been in possession of 28 fraudulent credit cards which were seized by Lee County Sheriff’s deputies.  Estrada-Perez and Rivera-Garcia were released on bond from the Lee county jail.

Based on their arrests in Fort Myers, arrest warrants were issued by the U.S. District Court in New Orleans, Louisiana on April 19, 2016 charging Estrada-Perez and Rivera-Garcia with violation of Supervised Release.

As Estrada-Perez, Rivera-Garcia and Gonzalez-Torres all violated the conditions of their bond in an apparent attempt to reach Cuba and escape prosecution, they will all face trial at a federal court in Key West.

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Image Credit: Shelby Nelson

Source: The Disney Cruise Line Blog