DisneyLand Paris Gets In Pricing Trouble



Keeping the UK and German customers out of certain pricing promotions triggered a pricing probe on DisneyLand in Paris.

It is reported that European Commission has received a number of complaints from the customers of Disneyland.


  • Disneyland Paris is stopping consumers in some member states from shopping around for the best deals
  • Under European law, firms can not stop consumers from doing this
  • Sometimes French consumers were paying €1,346 for a premium package while British visitors were charged €1,870 and Germans €2,447
  • UK holidaymaker tried to order a Disneyland Paris ticket from a French website but was unable to pay because he did not have a French credit card.

A Disneyland Paris spokesperson reported saying that the ticket price was the same across the European Union market. But he added that customers would not be able to directly pay for tickets for a promotion for a certain country unless their credit or debit card is registered in that country. “It’s an anti-fraud measure,” he said.

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