Disruptive IIoT and AI Solutions Underpin Maritime’s ESG Obligations

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Singapore digital solutions specialist Magellan X develops specialist industrial internet of things and AI platforms to help maritime and other heavy industries meet their ESG obligations, reports Riviera Maritime Media.

Meeting the ESG obligations

When it comes to meeting their ESG obligations, heavy industries lag behind other sectors by a decade or more, says Magellan X chief executive Basheer Cassim. Magellan X is a Singapore-based company that develops industrial internet of things (IIoT) digital solutions.

What we have identified very clearly is that heavy industries in general, not just maritime, but oil and gas, mining and chemicals, are lagging behind at least 10 to 15 years in their ESG obligations for sustainability,” Mr Cassim tells Singapore Solutions, adding, “And the gap seems to be increasing.”

Mr Cassim says there are two reasons why heavy industries are not keeping pace.

One is their operating environments are very complex,” he says, pointing out these sectors involve a vast array of procedures and require long-life assets and numerous certifications to operate. “Second, there is a lack of purpose-built solutions that will enable them to meet these obligations. Solutions that you would deploy for worker safety in a hotel or for tracking in an office are not applicable on board an MR tanker, in a gas refinery, or a mine.”

SOL-X safety solution

That’s where Magellan X comes in. The four-year-old Singapore tech firm has developed three disruptive digital solutions to fill this deficit gap with digital solutions that use IIoT devices to capture real-time, certifiable data and produce actionable analytics using artificial intelligence (AI). Mr Cassim says the three solutions all have common threads: they are designed to use IIoT and AI, transmit certifiable and secure data in real time for analysis and are tied to sustainability and compliance requirements.

Its SOL-X safety solution, for example, which has been deployed on board ships, is a connected worker platform that can reduce crew risk exposure to potential incidents and improve compliance workflows. Crew can face dangers from fatigue, falls, working in confined spaces, machinery and potential fires or explosions.

Using the SOL-X SmartWatch, crew can better manage these dangers by gaining real-time enhanced situational and safety awareness through the ability to monitor their heart rate, fitness, heat stress exposure and receive alerts regarding rest management and hazardous work zones. The SmartWatch is connected to a local wifi network and onboard sensors, and information collected from the SmartWatch is linked to an on-vessel dashboard for better operational visibility during hazardous operations.

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Source: Riviera Maritime Media


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