Distance Matters: Bunker Fuel Study


A recent study conducted in Korea focuses on the carbon footprint of marine fuels, taking into account the distance covered, as reported by Ship&Bunker.

Green fuel

The study includes four fuel types: heavy fuel oil, liquified natural gas, liquified petroleum gas, and methanol. The initial findings of the study were presented at MEPC80 after passing the preliminary stage. The objective is to determine the carbon impact of a specific fuel from the perspective of the importing country. Various factors, such as engine types, cargo quantity, and voyage routes and distances, are considered in the analysis. The researchers mentioned that the next phase of the project, currently underway at the University of Strathclyde in the UK, will involve assigning a “green” value to each fuel type. They anticipate completing this second part within a year, as reported by Ship & Bunker.

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Source: Ship&Bunker