DNV’s Public Hearing Promotes Transparency in Vessel Technical Performance

Credit: Quang Nguyen Vinh/Pexels

DNV is preparing to introduce a Recommended Practice (RP) that provides a fresh and transparent approach to assessing, evaluating, and verifying the operational performance of ships. The development of this RP is a direct response to the increasing regulatory and commercial demands in the shipping sector to reduce carbon emissions and establish a consistent and reliable framework for assessing vessel efficiency, as reported by DNV

Limitations of CII

DNV has developed a Recommended Practice (RP) to address the limitations of the Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) in accurately assessing ship efficiency. The RP proposes a Vessel Technical Index (VTI) as a complementary measure, focusing on a ship’s technical performance relative to its initial state rather than external factors like weather conditions or speed instructions. The RP also introduces a novel approach to evaluating uncertainty sources, enabling informed decision-making based on VTI calculations. With growing pressure from regulations and stakeholders to decarbonize, shipowners must demonstrate improved technical performance to access capital and cargo. DNV’s RP aims to empower shipowners to enhance the technical condition of their vessels and substantiate emissions reduction efforts.

The following use is envisioned for the VTI:

1) A standardized way of working with performance data and creating a baseline

2) Facilitating dynamic- and performance-based charter party agreements

3) Assessing the optimal timing for hull and propeller cleaning and quantifying its impact

4) Evaluating and quantifying the effect of energy efficiency measures.  

DNV’s RP strives to establish a reliable and transparent benchmark that, when coupled with independent third-party verification, fosters trust among stakeholders seeking to incorporate technical ship performance into sustainability-focused endeavours.


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Source: DNV


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