Do We Really live with Germs?



Do Germs live in toilet seats and dirty places alone, definitely not. It lives very close to us, with our daily utilities. Now let’s see where germs really stay.


The surprising fact is that keyboard contains more germs than a toilet seat, as many of us are not aware of disinfecting the keyboards. Keyboard contains bacteria that can cause food poisoning too.

 Proof: Swab analysis informed that a single swab in keyboard contained 7500 bacteria while a toilet seat had only 5400 in one swab.

Ways to keep germs off:

  • Clean keyboards regularly.
  • Wash hands before using a computer.
  • Avoid eating at desk.
  • can try cyber-clean test.

2.Smartphone/ Tablet:

People spend considerable time using Smartphone. Studies say that germs are crawling over the screen in smartphones.Shocking?  But true. Researchers while testing a smart phone found 600 units of staph in one ipad screen.  Reason?   Many people use phone even at bathroom, which is not advisable.

Ways of cleaning:

  • Clean it regularly.
  • Avoid taking them to bathrooms.

3. Clean Laundry:

The fact is that a clean laundry may have germs on it, though they are clean.  When a washing machine is used, many people do not clean the machine. It is very essential  to clean a machine after using it as dirty clothes transfer most of the bacteria to the machine.

Ways of cleaning:

  • Wash white clothes and other clothes separately.
  • First wash the white clothes, sanitise them and wash the other clothes.

4. Kitchen Sponge:

The most dirtiest thing full of germs is the kitchen sponge: the best place for the germs.The moisture present in the sponge helps bacteria to breed. Researchers took 30 different surfaces in 22 homes and were shocked to see more germs than a toilet seat.

Ways of cleaning:

  • Use dishcloths instead of sponge,as they can be washed frequently.
  • Microwaving the sponge for one minute will kill the germs.

5. Cutting Board:

When direct contact is available for a cutting board with meat and other vegetables, germs survive more in cutting boards too.The germs in cutting board are 200 times more than found in a toilet seat. Shocked? “But yes, a fact,” researchers said.

Ways of cleaning:

  • When using a wooden board,cleaning the same with lemon and salt is useful.
  • Other things can be washed with vinegar and baking soda.
  • Different cutting boards for different food products is useful.
  • Before every use washing the cutting board is recommended.