Do You Really Want To Know What Goes Wrong With Marine Bunker Fuel?


The media is full of news about the Dali accident. Though NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) has not identified the marine fuel in use was the problem, most writers who know very little about marine fuel are filling up columns after columns of writeups about marine fuel.

The Viswa Group has been in the forefront of testing and identifying problem fuels for the last 33 years. It was the first lab to use GC-MS to identify contaminants and this GC-MS has become a standard testing practice now.

Unmasking Bunker Fuel Adulteration

In order to know the details and in order to understand the history and the problems associated with marine fuels, do read a comprehensive book written by Dr.Vis titled “Unmasking Bunker Fuel Adulteration” released last month. Dr.Vis carries the reputation in the Marine Industry as the “Bunker Guru”. Contact us ( for more details of the book.

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