Don’t Drop Anchors In The Scapa Flow Area!


Don’t Drop Anchors In The Scapa Flow Area! Torpedo-Like Object Found


A 3280 feet exclusion zone has been marked for all ships and the divers in the Scapa flow area, around a Torpedo-like object that was found 100 feet deep in that region.

Royal Navy divers are assigned to examine the 22 feet object and the space around before any anchorage would be allowed in and around the excluded area.

UK Coast Guard has advised all ships and divers to follow instructions and cooperate to stay safe during the investigation.


Scapa, which is now a popular diving destination, is one of the world’s biggest ship graveyards where a battleship sunk with 834 men aboard.  Scapa has suffered severe attacks during World war II and two experimental wrecks at the time were recently discovered.

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