Doubler Plate Repairs Keep Vessel Operational


Hydrex diver/technician teams carry out on-site hull repairs all across the globe. In most cases the damaged area can be replaced with a permanent insert. On the rare occasions where the damage does not allow such a repair, a temporary doubler plate is installed over the affected area, says a story published in Hydrex website.

The following recent case studies gives an account of two such doubler plate repairs performed by hydrex teams. Despite the relative size of such operations they can be vital for a ship owner nonetheless if he wants to keep his ship operational without loss of  time or money.

Doubler plate installations

1. Operations in Antwerp

We were was contacted to perform an inspection of the damaged stern thruster area of 195-meter roro vessel during her stop in Antwerp and carry out any needed follow-up repair.

Shortly after arriving at the location, hydrex diver/technicians performed the underwater inspection and made a full assessment of the damage. This revealed a large crack in the welding seam on the edge between the hull plating and the thruster tunnel. A doubler plate measuring 600 x 300 mm was then constructed on-site by the team using the measurements taken during the inspection.

The area around the crack was then prepared for the installation of the doubler and the plate was welded in place by one of hydrex certified diver/welders.

While this was a fairly simple operation, the repair performed by hydrex divers in the United Arabian Emirates was a lot less straightforward.

2. Operations in Dubai

We were contacted by the representative of  a tanker to carry out an emergency repair while the vessel was berthed in Dubai. A team of hydrex diver/technicians therefore mobilized from hydrex headquarters in Antwerp with all the required equipment.  Because hydrex fast response centers have a large stock of state-of-the-art equipment ready, mobilization for operations like this can be almost immediately.

After arriving on-site, the team set up their equipment while the team leader discussed the scope of work with the superintendent of the ship. Hydrex divers then started the operation with an inspection of the affected area. This revealed large indents, many cracks and several punctures in the flat bottom shell platting.

In total twelve cracks were found. Crack arrests were drilled at their extremities to prevent these from spreading.

The repair proposal also included the installation of two doublers that would cover the punctures in the shell plating: one measuring 700 x 600 mm, the other 1000 x 700 mm.  Both plates were constructed using the measurements taken during the inspection to perfectly fit the dented shape of the hull. They were then fitted and secured by hydrex certified diver/welders.

Utility of Double Plate Installations

As a result of hydrex intervention the owner could keep his schedule and have a permanent repair carried out at a more convenient time and location.

As with all operations we carry out, the highest professional standards were upheld during both repairs to ensure the  future safety of the ships.

Permanent class approved insert repair

Hydrex on-site hull repair services include the renewal of both small and large areas of damaged hull plating. These repairs can be carried out above or below water, according to the circumstances. Normal commercial activities can continue without disruption. These operations follow hydrex procedure for welding cracks in the vessel’s shell plating and they are approved by the major classification societies.

Building on an ever-expanding worldwide network of offices and support bases, we can provide these repairs at reasonable costs across the globe. All hydrex offices are fully equipped and can mobilize immediately. As part of the Hydrex Group they can take advantage of the company’s many years of experience.

Repairs of this kind can only be done successfully by trained diver/technicians who have the relevant know-how and experience to resolve all of the technical difficulties encountered during underwater operations. This is why all hydrex technical staff from all offices undergo stringent training after which they are able to perform a wide range of operations. They can achieve the same high quality without unnecessary loss of time.

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Source: Hydrex


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