Downward Trend To Continue in Global Bunker Market

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On August 15th, the MABUX World Bunker Index, which is derived from the current prices of 380 HSFO, VLSFO, and MGO, showed a minor decline in its overall trend. The mabux source.

Aug 15 MDI Shifts in Selected Ports:

As of Aug. 15, the MABUX MBP/DBP Index (MDI) (the correlation between market bunker prices (MBP) and the MABUX digital bunker price benchmark (DBP)), recorded the following alterations in four selected ports: Rotterdam, Singapore, Fujairah and Houston

HSFO segment Three selected ports: Rotterdam, Singapore and Houston – were overcharged. The overprice premium continued narrowing by $3 in Rotterdam while in Singapore and in Houston MDI remained unchanged. Fujairah was the only underpriced port. The undercharge ratio increased by another $1.

VLSFO segment Singapore remained the only overcharged port in this segment of fuel. The overprice premium increased by $3. The rest three ports remained undercharged. The underprice ratio decreased in Rotterdam by $1, in Fujairah by $2 and in Houston by $5. 

MGO LS segment All the ports are still undercharged. The underprice ratio narrowed by $6 in Rotterdam, $9 in Singapore and $1 in Fujairah. In Houston, remained unchanged.

380 HSFO – USD/MT – 567.61 (-5.27)

VLSFO – USD/MT – 670.50 (-1.11)

MGO – USD/MT – 943.56 (-6.46)

Expected Aug. 16 Global Bunker Market 

We expect downward trend to continue in Global bunker market on Aug.16: 380 HSFO – minus 3-7 USD/MT, VLSFO – minus 4-9 USD/MT, MGO LS – minus 5-14 USD/MT.

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Source: MABUX


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