Doyne’s Commitment To Help Children In Nepal


Maggie Doyne was awarded CNN hero of the year 2015 for her commitment to help women and children in Nepal.


Maggie Doyne, an American Philanthropist, was brought up in Mendham Borough, New Jersey.  In the year 2005, after her graduation from high school, a backpacking trip changed her life term commitment.

  • During the trip, Doyne spent time at a children’s home in Northern India.
  • There she was left alone to manage the 50 children at home and 160 children who attended the school, as the manager was away.
  • She then became friends with a refugee from Nepal and went with her to visit her home village.
  • In that village, a small girl was breaking stones on the dry riverbed side and sold it for her earnings.  Doyne sent the girl to school and took care of the fees, uniforms, etc.
  • This service was extended to few more girls.
  • With her savings of $5000 and along with the funds raised from her hometown and around the world, she purchased a land in Kopila Valley.
  • Top Malla joined Doyne as a partner for her venture.
  • She ventured into Kopila Valley Children’s Home, Kopila Valley School, Kopila Valley Women centre.
  • Doyne is now CEO of BlinkNow Foundation, which runs a fellowship programme that enables young people or adults to volunteer at Kopila Valley.

Accolades Received:

2008 – CosmoGirl of the Year

2009 – Grand Prize Winner of the Do Something Awards

2012 – Speaker at Forbes 400 Summit on Philanthropy

2013 – Forbes Excellence in Education Award

2014 – Unsung Hero of Compassion, awarded by the Dalai Lama

2015 – CNN Hero of the year.

At a star-studded Awards Ceremony in New York, Maggie Doyne was awarded the CNN Hero of the year 2015 award.  In that ceremony Doyne said, “If you had told me when I turned 18 that I was going to be the mom of 50 kids, I would have told you that you were totally crazy.  And I am.  And to my kids, I love you so much.  Don’t ever forget how much I love you.”

Adding to it, she said, “And to the country of Nepal, thank you so much for loving me and accepting me as a daughter welcoming me into your country.  And to all of you in this room and who are watching, please, please remember that we have the power to create the world that we want to live in, just as we want it.  And that’s what all the Heroes here have done tonight.”

Source: CNN