DP World Romania Expands Container Shipping Capacity In Black Sea Port


DP World Romania has significantly expanded its container shipping capacity in the Black Sea port of Constanta. This investment aims to boost cargo handling and other freight services, positioning the port as a key logistics hub in the region.

Enhanced Infrastructure and Capacity

The expansion includes new project cargo facilities for high-value and complex equipment, a roll-on, roll-off (ro-ro) terminal capable of handling up to 80,000 vehicles annually, and a logistics hub in western Romania. These upgrades, costing 130 million euros, have more than doubled the container shipping capacity to 1.5 million TEUs from 700,000 TEUs in 2023. The facilities can also increase other cargo flows by around two million metric tons per year.

Strategic Trade and Logistics Goals

DP World Romania’s CEO, Cosmin Carstea, highlighted the company’s focus on attracting new trade flows, especially supply routes to and from Turkey and Georgia. The expanded facilities aim to support industries such as furniture, automotive, and consumer goods, with expectations to reach full usage in five years. The port’s overall traffic increased significantly, partly due to Ukrainian grain exports and infrastructure investments.

Technological Advancements and Operational Efficiency

To enhance operational efficiency, DP World Romania has acquired an advanced scanner for the state’s customs agency, capable of processing up to 60 trucks per hour. Despite challenges like the Houthi attacks in the Red Sea, which have extended shipping times from Asia, the port of Constanta continues to grow and adapt to new logistical demands.

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Source: Reuters