DP World’s London Gateway Facility Redefines the Game

Credits: Export Org UK

Discover the supply chain revolution at DP World’s London Gateway facility, where cutting-edge solutions and strategic innovation are transforming global trade dynamics, The shipmanagementinternational news.

  • DP World’s London Gateway facility attracts international businesses with comprehensive supply chain solutions and faster market access.
  • Surging demand for warehousing space near the capital drives remarkable growth in the FMCG, manufacturing, and industrial sectors.
  • DP World’s integrated services and strategic innovation aim to revolutionize goods movement and handle 10% of world trade across 78 countries.

Surging Demand 

In its first 100 days of operation, DP World’s latest multi-user warehouse facility at London Gateway has welcomed five new customers. The surge in demand for warehousing space near the capital has been driven by businesses in the FMCG, manufacturing, and industrial sectors.

Comprehensive Contract 

The attraction of London Gateway’s location, just 28 miles from the capital, has been a key factor in drawing international businesses to DP World’s facility. Coupled with the comprehensive contract logistics solutions offered by DP World, which is a leading provider of end-to-end supply chain services, the facility has become a preferred choice for businesses seeking faster market access and reduced carbon footprint in their supply chains.

Authorized Economic Operator Certification 

DP World’s bonded facility at London Gateway benefits from Authorised Economic Operator certification, allowing for faster access to cargo after it is discharged from a vessel. This advantage, combined with customs clearance and express quay collection services, makes DP World an attractive and convenient choice for businesses looking for flexibility and efficiency in their supply chain management.

Revolutionizing Goods Movement 

With a commitment to delivering end-to-end services, DP World offers customers a network of its own warehousing across the country, including at London Gateway’s Logistics Park. The port-centric facilities at the park enable shorter distances traveled from port to warehouse, streamlining the supply chain process.

DP World’s expertise spans a wide range of services, including fulfilment, e-commerce support, manufacturing assistance, transportation management, reverse logistics, repair, and service parts. Through strategic innovation and cutting-edge technology, DP World aims to revolutionize the movement of goods to the market, making it a market leader in the global trade landscape.

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