Dr. Vis Blog 11 – AI Revolutionary Growth in Next 20/30 Years


The content of this blog is based on information picked up from multiple sources. We acknowledge gratefully the source content from Peter Diamondis.

The driving force behind the dramatic advances in AI has to do with increasing computation and an abundance of data available.

In particular the development of computer vision and the progress with natural language processing have hugely accelerated the advancement of AI.

When computer vision overtook human vision for purposes of recognition, the potential for applications grew exponentially.

Examples are autonomous vehicles, facial recognition, automated retail sales etc.

Interestingly, today AI can turn everyone into a coder. Functional codes can be generated by merely speaking to an AI program with simple natural language commands.

Simultaneously, the developments in battery technology and reduced cost of power by using solar energy have assisted the increased usage of AI.

It is obvious that most routine tasks will not need humans and many many people are going to lose their jobs. This does not mean that there is going to be a shortage of food or other needs of humans. All these will be well met and that will be a greater abundance. When AI optimized, there are many new possibilities to create global abundance, eliminate poverty and reduce the cost of goods and services .

The above leads to a different kind of problem.

If people are not satisfied with the jobs they have to do or their need to feel productive and useful, what happens?

It is perhaps important that every individual should find a deep purpose in life. This deep purpose is not confined only to a few people such as entrepreneurs.

As is the case now. If a person will no longer have to work to meet the basic needs, how should he spend his time? If robots take over his job, how will this person find any meaning or significance in his life?

We are therefore likely to confront a different set of problems, very different from the problems we face now for meeting the basic needs.

We indeed are living through interesting times!

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Source: Mfame