Dr. Vis – The “Bunker Guru”



Dr. Ram Vis, whose name Viswa Lab carries, is first a Marine Engineer and has a Doctorate in Metallurgical Engineering and a Masters in Internal Combustion.  He is on the Roster of Experts of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), a Consultant to the Department of Transportation (Maritime Administration – Federal Government of USA) and a member of CIMAC Working Group for Heavy Fuels and Lube Oils, ASTM D2 Committees and Intertanko Bunker Sub-committee.  Dr. Vis has personally inspected over 4,000 ships as a Classification Surveyor, has had many publications in highly regarded journals, and is globally referred to as the “Bunker Guru”.  After his career with American Bureau of Shipping, he worked as a scientist with NASA for 6 years before starting the lab.

Viswa Lab is the second biggest lab in Bunker Fuel Testing in terms of the samples tested and has been selected as one of the 4 IMO testing labs.  Viswa Lab is also involved with Energy Efficiency, Emission Reduction, Scrubbers, EEOI and instrumentation for all these.

Do you Have a Bunker Fuel Problem?

Write to him through the Forums – He will be ready to offer his expert advice.

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