Drones Facilitate In Ship Survey



Drones are gaining much momentum in the shipbuilding industry.  To save time and expedite the process, shipowners have started using Drones that is very much capable of accessing the most difficult spaces where human entry is difficult and time-consuming.

In the recent past, Poland’s Remontowa Shipbuilding has introduced a flying robot to inspect internal spaces of a ship, which is the first of its kind in the Shipbuilding sector.

Drones are equipped with high definition camera(with own lighting), capable of recording HD video and still pictures.  While testing it was found Drones were even able to rest against the bulkhead while hovering.  The vehicle is intended to be used for providing a surveyor with an overall impression of the state of the hull and bulkheads of a vessel under inspection.

The technology may be also applied to inspection of external structures, such as masts or deck crane jibs. The drone serves as means of visual inspection, mainly for surface (protective coating) condition assessment, i.e. corrosion and cracks detection.

Drones were first employed for an inspection carried out in the UK-flagged chemical and product tanker CPO Japan, which arrived at Remontowa on June 15 for its first five-year class renewal overhaul.  The overhaul included maintenance of 12 ballast tanks and three slop tanks, hull cleaning and painting and engine repairs among others.

After the test survey using the Drones were found to be successful. It is believed that this innovative technology will be much useful during the disaster times since it saves time and money thereby the overall efficiency is improved. To conclude Drones are expected to be used widely in Shipyard day to day operational activities.



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