Drones to Become ECA Compliance Watchdog!


European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) recently hosted a workshop Called Remotely Piloted Airborne Systems for Maritime Surveillance (RPAS) in late October 2015. The main agenda discussed in detail was about employing drones for surveillance to check ECA compliance for ships operating in Emission Control Areas.

This move from EMSA proves that soon the Navigating officers can spot some drones flying high enough along with the ships to monitor the regulatory compliance.  To make this dream come into reality, EMSA has planned to proceed with two pilot projects being co-financed by European Space Agency (ESA).

The two pilot projects are under the name:

  1. STEAM

STEAM – will look at measuring SOx emissions using RPAS.

RAPSODY – will demonstrate the technical capabilities of RPAS for operational maritime surveillance.

It is evident that the RPAS are really valuable tool which could complement the satellite surveillance. Tekever’s AR5 Life Ray Evolution unmanned air vehicle has been selected to participate in the testing of Europe’s first UAV maritime surveillance system, following a contract award from the European Space Agency and European Maritime Safety Agency. Through the Rapsody programme, the UAV will be involved in two years of testing in two different scenarios – search and rescue and pollution and oil spill monitoring – over the Atlantic and the North and Mediterranean seas.

This is the first time UAVs will be introduced into maritime surveillance missions in Europe, Tekever says.

Wondering How Tekever’s AR5 will look like?

Watch the below image  – you can soon see AR5s flying ahead of the ships.

Over to the Drones.



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