Drug Cartels Continue To Pose Threat To Seafarers

Credit: Colin Davis/ unsplash

Cocaine production in Colombia has exploded and drug cartels continue to target and abuse innocent seafarers and their ships for nefarious activities. The drug cartels have become more prone to resort to violence to expand and protect their criminal enterprises.

Largest Producer

Colombia remains the world’s largest cocaine producer. When the former guerrilla President Petro stopped coca eradication and law enforcement operations in ELN and FARC-controlled coca growing regions, cultivation in Colombia skyrocketed by a massive 43% in late 2021/2022. This trend is expected to continue during the next few years.

Increase In Volume

The conservative estimate is that there will be at least a 35% increase in the volume of cocaine available for shipment in 2023. An indicator of this production boom is reflected in the price per kilo of cocaine in coca growing areas, which is now one third of the price in comparison to 2021.

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