Drug Firms Pfizer And Flynn Pharma Overcharge



The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) is a watchdog organization in UK.  It found that Phenytoin sodium capsules (under its brand name Epanutin) made by Pfizer and sold by Flynn to 50,000 people in Britain had increased the price from £2.3m in 2012  to £50m in 2013.

Ann Pope, CMA Senior Director of Anti-trust Enforcement said, “The CMA’s findings on dominance and abuse are provisional and no conclusion can be drawn at this stage that there has, in fact, been any breach of competition law.  We will carefully consider any representations from Pfizer and Flynn Pharma before deciding whether the law has been infringed.”

Pfizer and Flynn can now supply their own views and evidence and if abuse of  a dominant position in a market is proved they have to pay as much as 10% of annual sales as fine.

Pfizer is cooperating fully with the CMA’s ongoing investigation.  But, a  message left with Flynn Pharma was not immediately returned.

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