Drug Smugglers on Rotterdam Express Caught


On January 27, the Colombian authorities reportedly detained drug smugglers after conducting routine check onboard a cargo vessel.

What happened?

The crew members of cargo vessel ‘Rotterdam Express’ reported to the Columbian officials the presence of unauthorized persons onboard the vessel shortly after leaving the Cartagena port. The vessel was enroute from Cartagena to Caucedo, when the unknown people were noticed onboard the vessel.

Smugglers detained

The Colombian Maritime Authorities dispatched Coast Guard and Navy to the cargo vessel and boarded the vessel with a team of commandos, immigration and police. The team found ten people all dressed in black onboard the vessel and also discovered a whopping 185 kilos of pure cocaine concealed in containers.

The intruders were arrested where one was reported to be a convict and search is underway to locate more unknown people and cargo. Based on an initial investigation, the Colombian authorities believed the illegals on board were connected to the drugs which were found.

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Source: Vessel Tracker


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