Drunken British Sailors in the Hands of Italian Police


On October 18, two british royal navy soldiers have been arrested by the local police on charges of causing public nuisance.

What happened?

The 20 year old Royal Navy sailors were deployed onboard the ‘HMS Diamond’, a type 45 destroyer currently on manoeuvres in the Med shortly after arriving from its base in Portsmouth. After the vessel had docked in the Italian port of La Spezia, the crew members were given shore leave and the two headed for a pizzeria in the city before hitting several bars.

Disrupted traffic:

In the early hours, the local Italian police were alerted after the two men walked into the main square, started singing loudly and tried to disrupt the traffic.

As the officers closed in on the drunken men, one of them dropped his trousers and urinated in the square while the other one tried to assure cops everything was fine.

Detained by Italian police:

The Royal Navy sailors were detained by the local police for resisting and offending a public official.

A police spokesman in La Spezia said, “Two British sailors were held after an incident in the city centre and one the urinator was reported for resisting and offending a public official. We can confirm that the local police force in La Spezia escorted two sailors back on to HMS Diamond due to unacceptable behaviour when ashore. No arrests were made, the sailor and the Commanding Officer have apologised and it would be inappropriate to comment further on the matter”.

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Source: The Sun


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