Dryad: Singapore Strait Needs Permanent Security Presence



Dryad Maritime, in its report looks at the continuing security deterioration in Southeast Asia, including contributing factors and the impact upon maritime trade.  Based on the assessment, Dryad Maritime suggests a permanent security presence in Singapore Strait especially during the hours of darkness.

Security Issues:

  • Recently six vessels experienced either boarding or attempted pirate boardings in the eastbound lane.
  • 27 incidents in the last 10 weeks have been reported  within a 15 nautical mile (NM) radius of Pulau Nipah.
  • A total of 75 security violations in 2015 alone, in Singapore Strait.
  • Very little involvement from regional security forces.

Dryad recommendations:

  • All low access points, non-essential entry and exit points and machinery compartments be secured and extra lookouts be posted while in the Straits.
  • Extra vigilance by patrol and lookouts, and increased security measures will mitigate the risk off petty theft.
  •  A high visual presence on the upper deck is often enough to prevent a vessel being targeted. Patrols should ideally consist of at least two crew members.
  • Early identification of any potential threat will allow crew members time to raise an alarm, which will result in criminals fleeing the scene in majority of cases.
  • Crewmembers should be compliant in order to avoid the risk of physical attack by potentially armed criminals.

Source: Dryad Maritime


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