Drydocks World Unveils Cutting-Edge Propeller Repair Enhancements


  • Drydocks World, a leading maritime services provider, has announced a series of significant enhancements to its Propeller Repair Services, reaffirming its position as a premier destination for comprehensive propeller repair solutions.
  • The company’s latest advancements underscore its commitment to innovation, efficiency, and quality in meeting the evolving needs of the maritime industry.

Drydocks World’s Propeller Repair Services have been bolstered with new capabilities, including in-situ repairs for minor damages directly on vessels and more extensive repairs within its dedicated workshop. Utilizing nickel aluminium bronze alloys and advanced repair techniques such as laser pitch checking and blade profiling, the company ensures unparalleled precision and efficiency in propeller repairs.

Expanded Team and Adherence to Standards

The company has expanded its team of qualified professionals to tackle a wide range of propeller repair needs while ensuring adherence to the highest standards set by the International Society of Classification Societies (IACS). This commitment to excellence and expertise reinforces Drydocks World’s reputation as a trusted partner for shipowners worldwide.

New Facilities and Technological Advancements

In addition to propeller repair enhancements, Drydocks World has unveiled state-of-the-art facilities to support its vision of continuous improvement and technological advancement in maritime services. These include a Cryogenic Pipe Shop, a Gasket Manufacturing Facility, and a CNC Plate Cutting Facility, each equipped with advanced technology to meet the diverse needs of the maritime and energy sectors.

Commitment to Excellence and Innovation

Capt. Rado Antolovic, CEO of Drydocks World, emphasizes the company’s dedication to maritime excellence and leadership through innovation. The new facilities and technological investments underscore Drydocks World’s commitment to redefining industry standards and offering unmatched services to its clients.

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Source: Govt. of Dubai