DSIC Wins An Order For Three 175,000 M3 LNG Carriers

Credit: Ti Gong_

On August 31, CSSC Dalian Shipbuilding Industry and China Shipbuilding Trading successfully undertook the new construction project of three 175,000 m3 LNG carriers from COSCO SHIPPING Energy Transportation and SINOPEC Kantons Holdings Limited (Kantons Holdings), reports xinde marine news.  LNG carriers are high-tech, difficult, and high-value-added products. Market investment in new LNG shipbuilding and infrastructure continues and the LNG industry has bright prospects for growth.


The ship type of this project was independently developed by DSIC. The total cargo hold capacity is 175,000 m3. It adopts the Mark III Flex cargo containment system of GTT and is equipped with 4 cargo tanks. The liquid cargo system is only used for LNG cargo transportation and is also configured with a liquefaction system.


This project installs  two WinGD LNG dual-fuel low-speed main engines and integrates the iCER system, which not only reduces fuel and gas consumption, but also enables it to meet the most stringent emission standards of IMO in both fuel and gas modes.

 In the future, DSIC, COSCO SHIPPING Energy, and SINOPEC Kantons Holdings will deepen cooperation in the field of LNG ship construction and transportation.

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Source: Xindermarinenews


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