Dubai’s Innovative Smart Marine Scraper: Advancing Ecological Preservation


Smart Marine Scraper

In collaboration with Emirati talents and Al Khattal Boat Factory, Dubai’s municipality introduces a cutting-edge marine scraper aimed at advancing ecological preservation efforts.

Operated 100% remotely, the smart marine scraper is empowered with an unlimited range of controls and real-time monitoring features facilitated by satellite tech.

Its advanced control system makes the best use of 5G networks to accomplish precise marine manoeuvres and ensure effective waste collection.

Efficient Waste Collection

The scraper’s secondary systems comprise an innovative marine survey system that identifies waste sites and starts the removal.Besides, an interactive external environment system bolsters marine safety by preventing collisions automatically.

With enhanced productivity, the scraper can efficiently collect and transfer up to 1,000 kgs of floating marine waste.

Commitment to Cleanliness and Quality of Life

Introducing the smart scraper underscores the country’s municipality’s commitment to tech innovation and the development of sustainable solutions to enhance the efficiency of municipal operations.

Dubai’s municipality prioritizes cleanliness, sustainability, and pollution reduction to enhance the city’s appeal and quality of life. A dedicated team oversees cleaning operations across 35 kilometers(19 nm) of creeks and canals. Comprising 25 employees and sailors, 12 marine captains, and 12 marine vehicles, this team ensures that the daily cleaning tasks are executed per the work plan, with 24-hour field follow-ups, to protect Dubai’s natural and marine environments from floating waste.

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Source: Marineinsight