EagleRail: World 1st 100% Electric Overhead Container Transport Solution!

Credit: eilis-garvey-unsplash

EagleRail is the world’s first 100% electric overhead container transport solution. Eaglerail system installations increase port capability for typically one-third the cost of traditional infrastructure expansion plans and also make inland connections clean and fast.

Shuttling Concept

Mike Wychocki is the Founder, lead investor and Chief Marketing Officer for EagleRail Container Logistics (ERCL) and its global development company, ER Logix, (ERX). Mr. Wychocki and his team developed the overhead, 100% electric container shuttling concept approximately seven years ago and have traveled and consulted in over 25 countries and with 80+ port and intermodal partners.

Utilizing Unused Overhead Space

EagleRail uses the warehouse model that utilizes unused overhead space to move containers while freeing up movement for other cargo below. Its electric power system is emissions free and sustainable. The systems are data-based and automated utilizing intelligent routing. EagleRail holds the patents in the U.S., EU, UK and Brazil while pending in Brazil. India, China, South Africa and other countries. Mike is passionate about helping to improve the global supply chain all while making container-handling and transportation cleaner, safer and more data-centric for all stakeholders.

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Source: Transportlogistics