‘ECO’ Engines fitted on Small Bulkers are Best Bets


Vessels Value (VV) finds that Small dry bulk vessels equipped with ‘eco’ engines demand a price premium.


Vessels Value‘s (VV) valuation service for small dry bulk sector vessels in November have issued their findings of the focused research on 30 ships fitted with ‘eco’ engines, out of an 8,500-vessel sample pool for the small dry bulk sector.  For such a small minority, it receives a significant average premium of 13%.


  • Small dry bulk vessels equipped with ‘eco’ engines command a price premium in the marketplace.
  • The majority of the ‘eco’ engine equipped vessels are heavy-lift, multi-purpose ships (MPPs) with a few small handys.
  • The small dry bulk sector, consists of
    • MPPs,
    • Heavy life MPPs,
    • Single and ‘tweendeckers,
    • Small handys and
    • General cargo vessels.
  • The small dry bulk vessels are known for their flexibility.
  • About 40% of the fleet are able to carry containers; the average premium these ships receive over non-container carrying vessels is around 5%.

Source: Vessels Value