Eco-friendly Dual-fuel LPG Carrier Delivered By Kawasaki


A recent news article published in the Offshore news states that Kawasaki delivers eco-friendly dual-fuel LPG carrier.

Delivery of Calluna Gas

Japanese shipbuilder Kawasaki Heavy Industries (KHI) has delivered Calluna Gas, a liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) powered very large gas carrier (VLGC) to compatriot tanker owner and operator IINO Kaiun Kaisha.

Calluna Gas is a dual-fuel LPG carrier powered by LPG and low-sulfur fuel oil. The vessel is the 66th LPG carrier and the third 84,000 cbm LPG carrier adopting a dual-fuel main engine built by KHI.

IINO Kaiun Kaisha

At the same time, it is the first of its kind for IINO Kaiun Kaisha and is compliant with the SOx emission regulations strengthened in all seas in January 2020 as well as Phase 3 of EEDI, the CO2 emission regulations which will be applied for ships contracted for construction after 2022.

In addition, the vessel is equipped with NOx emission control systems in the main engine and the power generation engine to comply with NOx emission regulations and to reduce the environmental impact.

Environmentally-friendly vessel

According to IINO, the environmentally-friendly vessel will be engaged in a charter contract with the energy major Equinor.

Meanwhile, Kawasaki says it plans to develop and build more LPG-fueled LPG carriers and other commercial vessels that meet environmental standards, as well as to develop and offer other eco-friendly marine technologies, to contribute to the establishment of a low-carbon/decarbonised society.

These products will include vessels for transporting liquefied hydrogen, considered to be the next-generation energy source.

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Source: Offshore Energy


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