ECOCHARGE : A two-stage turbocharging system tested to be successful in strength and functionality.



ECOCHARGE is MAN Diesel & Turbo’s  new two-stage turbo-charging system that is proven to have increased efficiency that facilitates the use of a smaller engine with the same power output of a larger unit using traditional, single-stage turbo-charging.

The company reports that the combination of  a MAN TCR20 for lower pressure stage turbo-charging and MAN TCX17 for higher pressure stage turbo-charging, have now combined together with all their highlighting benefits  as a single, two-stage turbo-charging system.  This has been put through a full test run on the MAN 12V35/44 gas engine, at MAN Diesel & Turbo’s  Augsburg, Germany works.

The market introduction of ECOCHARGE is for both gas, as well as HFO-burning engines.  The significant difference between the single-stage turbochargers is with regard to the inter-coolers.  Here, the intercoolers are positioned between the high and low pressure-stage turbochargers.  The high energy required to compress the intake air to high pressure, is thereby significantly reduced.

This has an automatic and instantaneous impact in increasing the air pressure over the cylinder during the scavenging process.  The increased engine efficiency and low energy consumption result in reduced emission levels of NOx through the Miller cycle.  Overall, this also makes ECOCHARGE more fuel efficient.  With greater power output and reduced engine size, the MAN TCX turbocharger is specifically developed for the two-stage turbocharger applications.

The company reports that the new ECOCHARGE system will run over the coming months on the engine to prove its strengths and functionality.

Source: Man Diesel & Turbo


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