Ecoshield’s Growing Impact on Ship Protection

Credit: Diana Shipping Inc.

Ecoshield, a proven solution for safeguarding ship rudders and underwater gear, has earned the trust of maritime industry leaders, both long-term users and recent adopters alike. The source.

  • Ecoshield, a trusted coating, has successfully protected ship rudders and running gear for over a decade, with some major players expanding its use in their fleets.
  • The evolution from Ecospeed to Ecoshield has resulted in a durable coating applied to over 700 ship components, eliminating the need for sacrificial anodes.
  • Recent adopters, including Mediterranean Shipping Company and MTM Shipmanagement, are recognizing Ecoshield’s value in combating cavitation erosion, marking a shift in industry awareness.

A Decade of Success

Many leading shipping companies worldwide rely on Ecoshield to safeguard their vessels’ rudders, thruster tunnels, and underwater components from cavitation erosion and chemical corrosion. Some have been using Ecoshield for over a decade, while newcomers are quickly adopting this innovative coating.

Origins and Evolution

Subsea Industries introduced Ecospeed in 2004 to combat cavitation damage. Over time, it evolved into Ecoshield, a tougher and more durable coating. Ecoshield has been applied to over 700 ship components, demonstrating exceptional longevity and eliminating the need for sacrificial anodes.

Recent Adopters

Prominent companies like Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC), MTM Shipmanagement, Eastern Mediterranean Maritime Ltd., and Sunship Schiffahrtskontor KG have embraced Ecoshield to protect their vessels. MSC alone has ordered Ecoshield for over 100 ships, marking a significant shift in the industry’s awareness of this remarkable coating.

Long-Term Users

Pioneering users like CMA CGM, Seaspan, Danaos Shipping, Nippon Yusen Kaisha Ship Management (NYK), Anglo Eastern Ship Management, Höegh, and Pleiades have consistently chosen Ecoshield over the years. These long-term users attest to its effectiveness in reducing drydock time and preserving critical ship components.

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