Efficiency Afloat: MV Zhong Ren 122’s Impressive Cargo Operation


Semi-Submersible Cargo Operation

The JSI Alliance recently achieved a significant milestone with the completion of its first semi-submersible cargo operation aboard the MV Zhong Ren 122, a vessel owned by Shanghai Salvage (SSC) and chartered by the JSI

Operation Details

The operation involved loading nine barges in Nantong, China for Company’s client Neptune Equipment B.V. This is the first batch of floating cargoes after those 2 semi-submersible vessels joined the JSI fleet. Both parties are keen to analyze the details and improve the abilities of the crew and their system.
The operation is an excellent example of the collaboration between the SAL team and the crew of MV Zhong Ren 122, who managed to perform two shifts with varying drafts and trims within a single day, demonstrating the efficiency of the vessel’s ballast system.

Outcomes and Future Plans

The successful handling of the barges, each with unique dimensions and weights, not only showcases the technical proficiency of the teams involved but also their ability to adapt and excel in the face of new challenges. The largest block including 5 barges had impressive dimensions of 90.00 x 27.00 x 23.00 m and a total weight of 5.500 mt.

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Source: Vesselfinder