Egypt’s Maritime Evolution: Ports Development and Economic Hubs


Egypt, strategically positioned with shorelines on both the Red and Mediterranean Seas, is intensifying efforts to develop its seaports, a move expected to significantly contribute to economic growth. This geographical advantage positions Egypt as a key player in global trade, prompting the country to enhance its ports, establish free zones, and attract investments for economic diversification

Unlocking Economic Value

Recognizing that the economic value of Egyptian ports extends beyond their physical boundaries, the country has established various economic zones. These include industrial zones, free trade zones, and special economic zones, exemplified by the Port Said free economic zone. These zones collectively create a business-friendly atmosphere, fostering trade, investment, and economic diversification.

Suez Canal Economic Zone (SCZONE)

The Suez Canal Economic Zone (SCZONE) stands out as a strategic initiative designed to capitalize on the Suez Canal’s role in global trade. With 12% of the world’s trade passing through the canal, tCZONE aims to diversify economic activities beyond shipping. By incorporating manufacturing, logistics, and technology, Egypt seeks to broaden the industrial scope of the zone, making it less susceptible to economic fluctuations and reinforcing its position in global trade.

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Source: ArabFinance