Electronic Navigational Charts In SOMS


New ENCs [Electronic Navigational Charts] To Provide High-Resolution Bathymetry Information For Safe Navigation In SOMS


The Straits of Malacca and Singapore (SOMS) is an important, world’s busiest marine.  The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore, along with port authorities of Indonesia, Malaysia and Japan propose to produce large scale Electronic Navigational Charts ( ENCs).  The new large scale ENCs will complement the existing ones for the safe navigation and protection of the 1000s of ships that ply the route every day.

The recommendation for real-time monitoring of under keel clearance in the SOMS is specified as the need of the hour.  This recommendation is issued based on a study carried out by the OMC International in 2013, at the request of the littoral states.

Data got from a hydrographic survey of SOMS will be used to make high-resolution bathymetry information to help with better voyage planning and navigational safety.  This information was announced at the 8th Co-operation Forum held in Singapore on Monday, 5th October 2015.  Industry stakeholders, user states, as well as the key littoral states, were able to share information and perspectives and reach important decisions regarding the SOMS in the cooperation forum.

Andrew Tan, chief executive of the MPA is quoted to have said:

“The joint hydrographic survey of the SOMS to be conducted by the littoral States and Japan is a positive outcome which epitomises the mutual cooperation and collective will to enhance the continued safety and efficiency of vessels that ply these waters.  The forum also facilitates concrete and practical cooperation between them in the maintenance of safety of navigation and environmental protection in the Straits.”

Source: MPA


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