Emergency Fund for Seafarers’ Welfare in the COVID19 Pandemic!


In a  major development, The ITF Seafarers’ Trust announced the launch of an emergency fund to address the impact of the COVID19 global pandemic on seafarers and their families, reports Safety4Sea.

Lifeline for Welfare Services

The so-called ITFST COVID-19 Welfare Fund also aims to provide a lifeline for welfare services at risk due to the financial impact the virus has had on business and fundraising and activities.

Primary Objectives

In particular, the fund has two main purposes:

  • to facilitate fast grant payments for specific projects to alleviate hardship, stress and isolation of seafarers and their families;
  • to provide funds for the maintenance of seafarers’ welfare services during the period of instability caused by Covid-19 and the measures taken to combat the virus.

How will the funding be done?

The Trust is working closely with the TK Foundation to ensure a coordinated approach to funding and a swift response to the multiplicity of issues arising from the impact of the virus on global trade and the maritime community. The TK Foundation is a private foundation supporting non-profit maritime and youth programs.

Dave Heindel, Chair of the ITF Seafarers’ Trust said:

“At the best of times seafarers struggle to get recognition for the amazing job they do ensuring the steady flow of household goods, food and commodities around the world.

Now they have the incredible stress of being stranded far away from their families at a time of extreme distress. It is critically important that the ITF Seafarers’ Trust is there for them at this time of need.”


Ensuring Welfare Services

Head of ITF Seafarers’ Trust Katie Higginbottom highlighted that this effort aims to ensure that existing welfare services will survive to serve another day after this crisis is over.

As explained, cases relating to individual seafarers can also be addressed but applications must be made via ITF affiliated unions, ITF inspectors or welfare organisations.

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Source: Safety4Sea


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