Emission Control – First Step – Record and Report Your Ship’s Fuel Consumption



The IMO’s Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) has agreed mandatory requirements for vessels to record and report their fuel consumption.

Requirement summary:

Vessels with gross tonnage of over 5,000 tonnes must report the following requirements to the ship’s flag state after the end of each calendar year.

  • Consumption data for each type of fuel used.
  • Other specified data that includes CO2 emission.

The flag state will verify the compliance of the reported data in accordance with the requirements.  On confirmation the flag state will issue a Statement of Compliance to the ship.  Flag states will be required to transfer this data to an IMO Ship Fuel Consumption Database.

“It has been very encouraging to see states which had previously found it difficult to reach binding agreement on climate change measures bring the spirit of the Paris Agreement to IMO this week.  The unanimous agreement to take forward a mandatory data collection system for ships’ fuel consumption is a significant step.  It will provide a solid basis on which to consider, armed with information, whether further measures may be required in future to mitigate GHG emissions from shipping,” IMO secretary-general Kitack Lim said.

Highlights of the Amendment:

  • This data collection system is the first step in a three-part process in controlling Greenhouse Gas(GHG) emission.
  • The UN organisation will further use this data to regulate vessels’ energy efficiency or greenhouse gas emission.

“We believe that IMO Member States have agreed an acceptable compromise between governments, primarily interested in data on fuel consumption and CO2 and those that wish to collect additional information,” said International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) Secretary General Peter Hinchliffe.

Source: IMO


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