Emoji surrogate pin codes in UK



Emoji an alternative for traditional pin code is being launched by a British company to secure its login. Intelligent environment says that the promising combination of the 44 emojis prove to be a fortified lock compared to the present 4 digit pass code system. It is said that certain digital banks have already voiced their interest in this concept.

Pros & cons:

“Its easy to remember images when compared to numbers”  – Memory experts

“Fun and innovative method logging in to attract youngsters” – Mr. Webber MD Intelligent environment.

“A worthy substitute already used by some firms.  The permutations and combinations would be really hard for a hacker to break through. Would make sense to have a two factor authentication” – Prof Allen woodward cyber security expert.

“Task of remembering both numbers and pictures prove to be the same.  But we are genetically determined to remember pictures.  Choosing the scheme of emojis could be the major pitfall in the idea.  Peoples behavioral aspect to be examined better in this regard” – Michael Tipper Former memory champion.


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