EMP Acquires Patent For Aquarius MRE System


The innovative wind & solar power solution for ships acquires Patent.


The Aquarius Marine Renewable Energy (MRE) System or Aquarius MRE is a combined wind power and solar power for ships.  Eco Marine Power and its strategic partners including the EnergySail and a computer system known as the EnergySail ACS (Automated Control System) has jointly developed this technology with KEI System.  The adoption of a wide range of technologies from EMP and EnergySail made this technology successful.

The Eco Marine Power announced that it has received the Patent for Aquarius MRE System.

  1. This Technology has passed the Feasibility and Function testing at Aquarius Innovation Lab in Osaka, Japan.
  2. The production centre for Energysail technology will be Teramoto Iron Works in Onomichi, Japan.
  3. The evaluation of the system onboard the high-speed car and passenger ferry Blue Star Delos was successful.

Greg Atkinson, Chief Technology Officer of Eco Marine Power said, 

“The granting of this patent, which covers much of the core technology behind the Aquarius MRE System, is another major milestone for Eco Marine Power.  It will help clear the path towards full commercialization of the system and allow us present to shipping companies and shipyards a viable renewable energy system for ships.”

 Source: Eco Marine Power