Empowering Greener Container Shipping


Container shipping is a key sector expected to lead the decarbonisation charge, as the predictability of vessel routing will make it easier to source bunker supplies and build infrastructure to accommodate new fuels and technologies. 

Power sources

While many operators are exploring new vessel designs to use emerging power sources, this does not address the issue of the existing global fleet needing to reduce its environmental footprint. There are more than 5,500 container ships in the global fleet, which cannot all be recycled or easily retrofitted .

Rivera believe being more environmentally friendly should not be limited to shipowners with deep pockets and operating schedules that align with shipyard retrofitting slots. One option open to operators of existing container ships is the tried and tested SulNOxEco natural. 


From the perspective of a vessel operator, multiple benefits are soon apparent. The fuel conditioner is readily available, allowing shipowners to easily secure supplies and the mixture of vessel fuel and SulNOxEco will remain stable in the fuel tank for months on end.

Furthermore, using this method means no capital expenditure as there are no physical changes to the vessel, minimal crew training and less maintenance for combustion-based cleanup. Unlike solutions that require operators to take their vessels out of service for retrofitting and thus creating operational disruptions and crew displacement, this keeps vessels running as contracted. 

Tried and tested

Perhaps the biggest draw for operators using the solution is its effectiveness can appear after only a few weeks, demonstrating tangible improvements in fuel consumption and emissions reduction from the very first voyage. 

SulNOxEco has been independently evaluated ’in action’ by a team from a reputed northern German university when in use in a two-stroke engine on board a vessel owned by a Hamburg-based shipping company.

The results of this evaluation, which were released in October 2023, measured a consistent 5-8% reduction in specific fuel consumption under real operating conditions during commercial voyages in the North Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. 

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Source : Riviera


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