Empowering Vessel Operations: Key Features Of The EcoAdvisor System


Kongsberg Maritime and EGGS, in collaboration, have been honoured with the prestigious IF Design Award for 2024 for their joint effort on the EcoAdvisor project. This accolade recognizes their innovative approach to developing the EcoAdvisor, an intelligent decision support system aimed at optimizing vessel operations to reduce fuel consumption and carbon footprint.

Advanced Technology Integration

The EcoAdvisor leverages cutting-edge technology to provide intelligent decision support for vessel operations, targeting fuel efficiency and emission reduction. EGGS ensured that the advanced technology was seamlessly translated into a practical and user-friendly tool.

User-Centric Design

With interfaces accessible to the Captain, DP operator, and Chief Engineer on the vessel’s bridge and engine room, the EcoAdvisor boasts a user-centric design that facilitates efficient decision-making and enhances crew awareness on savings.

Collaborative Innovation

The EcoAdvisor project emerged from the ‘Intelligent Efficiency’ research initiative, highlighting collaborative efforts between Kongsberg Maritime, vessel operator DOF Subsea AS, and various research institutions. EGGS’ involvement ensured the integration of technology into a viable solution that meets the needs of maritime professionals.

Recognition and Impact

Winning the IF Design Award underscores the commitment of Kongsberg Maritime and EGGS to driving sustainability and efficiency in the maritime industry through innovative design and technology. This recognition affirms their dedication to pushing the boundaries of maritime solutions and fostering meaningful impact within the industry.

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