Enablers for Decarbonizing the Maritime Industry


The journey towards a sustainable maritime shipping sector is driven by enablers spread across multiple areas, reports Hopify.

Decarbonization enablers

The decarbonization enablers include more sustainable fuels and other green sources of power, strong regulations that set an ambitious framework, bold financing for sustainable initiatives, power systems, integrated port solutions, optimised ship design, and fleet and operational optimization. In the shipping industry the enablers are principally situated across a cluster of three critical maritime value chains.

These three critical maritime value chains are the marine fuel value chain, the shipbuilding value chain, and the operational value chain. Specific decarbonization enablers are used, developed and matured based on their more or less favorable context summarized in scenarios that probably play out in future.

The three scenarios considered are one with wealth prioritized first (Swells), one with security first (Storms), and one with health / well-being first (Clear Sky), the latter is a clearly human-centered option.

This contribution builds on the recently released practical playbook for maritime decarbonization (Playbook).

Private-sector decarbonization enablers

The article looks at different mainly private-sector decarbonization enablers through the lens of an indicative framework providing information on which enablers can be used at scale and which ones within limits today and by 2030 given a particular scenario.

The industry faces policy developments, especially in Europe that indicate that the sector will need to shift significantly and faster than expected to transform into a sector that reduces its entire environmental footprint. This follows from the observation that the maritime shipping sector has seen its emissions grow significantly and these are expected to increase further (IMO).

The authors are convinced that it is crucial to raise awareness and intensify the conversation in the maritime industry and adjacent sectors as this important industry cannot fall short if we wish to reach the goal of the Paris Agreement. This article was written with the intent to help stakeholders in the maritime sector to launch or accelerate their decarbonization efforts as we need to act now.

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Source: Hopify


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