Lack Of ISM Procedures Led to Enclosed Space Fatality



According to a report published in, a tragic accident reportedly took place onboard a bulk carrier that claimed the lives of an AB Seaman, Captain, and Chief Officer.

What happened?

On February 24, 2019, the bulk carrier Bahri Bulk was berthed at Dammam, Saudi Arabia. The vessel had arrived at Dammam from Brazil with a cargo of wheat bran pellets.

An AB Seaman entered the hold where the bran pellets were held and collapsed. Seeing him collapse, the Captain and Chief Officer rushed to offer him assistance but a little while later they too collapsed.

Declared dead

The seaman, captain, and chief officer were rescued by the crew members and rushed to the hospital and admitted in the intensive care. However, they tragically passed away without responding to treatment.

How could have this incident been avoided?

  • According to industry sources, this accident could have been avoided if ISM procedures had been adhered to.
  • The ship owners and management should take necessary measures to promote safety culture onboard the vessel.
  • Ship officers are also advised to create a checklist and check whether all safety measurements are in place.
  • Moreover, the cargo holds should be properly ventilated due to fumigation hazards before assigning people into the cargo hold.

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  1. This incident could have been avoided….if the training of officers is done properly….we see normally cadets are made work like robots …. especially Indian cadets and Indian cheifmates….we should avoid that robotic mentality and act like a human n be normal on ships….don’t just follow the order….use enough brain to decide which order is to be followed and which is to be denied…..

  2. Ratings should also be promoted as officers….there should be some officers onboard those who have work experience onboard….cadet to officers only speak from book….that’s not enough

    • Thank you for reading and commenting sir. Our team tries to present the latest shipping related reports and inform people as much as possible. We hope this helps them in the future.


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