End Of An Era: John McLaurin’s Retirement After 29 Years


The Pacific Merchant Shipping Association (PMSA) bids farewell to its long-serving President, John McLaurin, marking the end of an era spanning nearly three decades. McLaurin’s tenure has been characterized by remarkable achievements in fostering growth, modernization, and environmental stewardship within the maritime industry along the US West Coast.

Legacy of Leadership and Accomplishments

McLaurin’s 29-year journey at PMSA epitomizes a legacy of steadfast leadership and notable accomplishments. His tenure witnessed substantial investments in port infrastructure, facilitating the enhancement and modernization of ocean freight and intermodal supply chains across the region. Moreover, McLaurin’s visionary approach spearheaded ambitious emissions reduction initiatives, positioning PMSA as a global leader in environmental stewardship.

Transformation and Expansion

Under McLaurin’s guidance, PMSA underwent a transformative journey, consolidating disparate regional trade groups into a cohesive advocacy and policy platform. This strategic consolidation propelled PMSA from its humble beginnings in San Francisco to a dynamic operation with three strategically located offices in Long Beach, Oakland, and Seattle. This expansion ensured comprehensive representation and effective engagement throughout the West Coast region.

Appointment of Successor

With McLaurin’s retirement, the board of directors has entrusted the mantle of leadership to Mike Jacob, the current vice president and general counsel of PMSA. Jacob’s extensive experience within the organization positions him well to continue PMSA’s legacy of excellence, advocacy, and innovation, steering the maritime industry towards a sustainable and prosperous future.

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Source: Container News